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It’s quite hard and painful when some things are kept and found it out through those who you’ve just meet once, and then instead of admitting, they’ll cover the lie of another lie. How sweet. It’s quite acceptable when we know that they did this for better. But it isn’t right when they do it for their own sake. Never realizing that they hurt people who lived them most. And when two of you argued, sometimes they’ll put the blame on us. Saying “it’s you why I am acting like this! It’s you and I only want to be fair to myself.” How sad isn’t. people sometimes blind or numb to feel that someone’s changing. And all they have to do is to open their eyes to see and appreciate every effort we made to satisfy them. They say “people may doubt you on what you say but they will always believe o what you sincerely do.” But we can’t blame someone who won’t believe us on what we’re saying if they also doubt everything we do.   I’m not perfect to be the girl that someone’s dreamed of. It’s just me. And I don’t have to be in somebody else’s shoe to reach their expectations. Sometimes it gave me such envious thoughts and insecurity. I can’t blame people to judge me based on negative rumors rushing on me. The hell I care. I’m not perfect just like the way they think they are. Sometimes it’s better to be alone in this world rather than with someone who just do nothing but hurt your feelings and making the least of their priorities. Feeling neglected and rejected at some point. I know it’s not my time to love again. I know that this pain won’t take too long. Time has its own way of healing. Broken hearts will be healed soon. And what’s really bad about being me is I always seemed to be altruistic and optimistic. That even on the darkest day of my life I still smile. Enjoy everything and try to forget the things that used to broke my heart. I’m not that numb as what they think I am. I cry when my heart cannot handle the pain any longer. And smile when things got better. They say moving on is an easy thing if we already know hoe to accept everything. Life is about letting go, accepting and loving. Letting go of those who we think really had to go. We cannot force them as long as we want them here. God lets us borrow these people for a reason. And when God has finally want them out of your life, let go. We may meet them on the halfway but it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Accepting, the fact that people must come and go. Accept and face the reality with a clear mind, happy heart and continue pushing through the life’s gift. We an let go every pieces if you started to accept everything. And be contented and happy in the life that’s left for you. The last one loves. After such a deep fall we might see things in complicated angles. We feel fear. Fear of losing. Fear of rejection. We should wiser enough to choose whom we will love. God has a better plan so give him a time to heal your wounds that caused by people you thought could last forever at your side. Life is about you and God. Don’t get rush to find someone who’ll replace them in your life. There’s a perfect time of everything. 

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