let go


No matter how we tried to hold unto something, and how we tried to fix the that's already broken, the more the pain we get. It may not be sound so surprising when someone give up so easily in a relationship that's already cannot give and take anymore.Sometimes we need to give up the things that we used to hold on for so many years. 

Love doesn't always count on how long you and your partner been through actually it's already useless when both cannot give and take anymore. Only God knows when to stay and when do we have to go. even though it's quiet painful for those who left behind by their love ones they had to admit that they nothing in this world stays, they will walk out on our lives for some reasons,.. they maybe not contented on the love that we're giving, or they maybe just want to seek their selves and find what really makes them happy. 
They say that love doesn't gives us the license to own a person,.. but only gives us the right to care, love and protect them. And when they have to go.. Set them free without hesitation and be thankful enough that he/she gives you a happiness that cannot be bought happiness that makes your day brighter each day. Always remember that if someone walks out.. Someone will walk in. 

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