There's a lot of instance that might coming in our lives, "we never know when our time is up 'till it's over". We can say that this time is ours but will it be forever ours? We don't need to do everything to make someone stay, because no matter how hard we try to keep on holding onto someone, the more they want us out of their life. People often says that if we don't want to hurt ourselves then guard our hearts. That's the best way we can do, but how long? I really hate fairy tales, 'coz it only teaches us to dream of a perfect love that really don't exist. And apparently never happens on  reality..  Why does all fairy tales always ends in "happy ending"?  which is different in real life.. love doesn't always come in to a happy ending.. Why does all people always give their all just to win someone's love.. Is it really fair to give and give and don't receive anything in return?

There's a lot of questions running on my mind, one thing really hooks me when someone asks me, why we often fall for someone who really doesn't deserve to be love? I answered her,.. "because at first we never know that the guy we choose to love is the wrong one, until we learn to accept them and get blinded by the love we had for them..".. some says it's okay to suffer because of love as long as it's true, and I really agree with that.. I have been in love and fall so deep. So deep that i can't stand up on my own after that big loss. i love there's no such word of forgetting, only acceptance. The heart never forgets even though we almost find someone to live with our lives, acceptance can only free us from fear. Fear of seeing someone you love happy with someone else.. And only acceptance we keep us from hoping and wishing that, sooner or later the one we love will
I hate those rumors who always says that it's easy to love and let go.

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