the call

4/21/2010 01:02:03

Someone calls me a while ago,.. It's his mom.. she send me a message, meanwhile she called. Actually i'm quiet nervous and have a conclusion well it's all about him of course.. She asked me about what happened last week when we had a misunderstanding and show disrespect to his step-father.. it hurts me honestly,.. then she said,.. "how serious is your relationship between my son?".. while she's talking about us my mind is running somewhere I don't actually know what to say and i was wondering if all my answers satisfies her.. Then finally she said "there's a lot of guy out there, someone who's better than my son. someone who will give you better life soon,.. Are you and my son planning to be settled soon?".. i told her  no we're not. and then she added,.. marriage isn't that good, marriage ruins everything, It creates family however it creates striving.. i felt sad,.. and apparently i am trying to understand everything she said. But my head wasn't working very well today (hahaha) I was stupid when it comes to love matter.. as everyone knows.. after that call, i remebered the things my mom said to him a year ago,.. I don't want to think that she doesn't like me for her son,.. then one last thing flashed back.. When her mother called me and put all the blame on me.. I decided not to tell him about this coz thats another story i know.. I don't want them to argue because of me now what i'm thinking is,.. do i have to stay or just go,. I don't want to gone in the wind without a word but i think it's much better to do it that way,.. honestly i don't know what to do.. If i stay, i know his mother will think bad against me,.. if i go,.. christian will think that i leave him for other reason. im confused. i just don't know what to do.. please help me.. I wanted to ask for an advice to my best friend but i don't think he will understands me. I wanted to tell everything i feel today but something stops me... i

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4/6/2010 09:28:39

Seems like everything happens for a reason and god never gives us a problem that we cannot overcome.. I'm so happy that everything's fine between us AGAIN