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let go


No matter how we tried to hold unto something, and how we tried to fix the that's already broken, the more the pain we get. It may not be sound so surprising when someone give up so easily in a relationship that's already cannot give and take anymore.Sometimes we need to give up the things that we used to hold on for so many years. 

Love doesn't always count on how long you and your partner been through actually it's already useless when both cannot give and take anymore. Only God knows when to stay and when do we have to go. even though it's quiet painful for those who left behind by their love ones they had to admit that they nothing in this world stays, they will walk out on our lives for some reasons,.. they maybe not contented on the love that we're giving, or they maybe just want to seek their selves and find what really makes them happy. 
They say that love doesn't gives us the license to own a person,.. but only gives us the right to care, love and protect them. And when they have to go.. Set them free without hesitation and be thankful enough that he/she gives you a happiness that cannot be bought happiness that makes your day brighter each day. Always remember that if someone walks out.. Someone will walk in. 
You could have a change of heart, if you would only change your mind
Instead of slamming down the phone girl, for the hundredth time
I got your number on my wall, but I ain't gonna make that call
When divided we stand baby, united we fall

Got the time got a chance gonna make it
Got my hands on your heart gonna take it
All I know I can't fight this flame
You could have a change of heart, if you would only change your mind
Cause I'm crazy 'bout you baby, time after time

Without you
One night alone Is like a year without you baby
Do you have a heart of stone
Without you
Can't stop the hurt inside
When love and hate collide

I don't wanna fight no more, I don't know what we're fighting for
When we treat each other baby, like an act of war
I could tell a million lies and it would come as no surprise
When the truth is like a stranger, hits you right between the eyes

There's a time and a place and a reason
And I know I got a love to believe in
All I know got to win this time



March 28 2010 when he told me that he loves her.. I was shocked and bit confused. I've never expect that this soon... Maybe i'm not worthy enough.. It's very hard for me to think that he'll just replace me in his life in just a snapped. I don;t want to blame myself or having gripe and atonement for him. This will be so hard for me. I always told myself that I am ready to see him with somebody else but apparently i'm not. I know that the only thing i can do for myself is accept the fact and learn live to my life alone,.. We can't force someone to stay. And no one stays forever.. only God know why he let this happen. It's just a matter of why now? Now that i'm still loving him,.. I don't want to blame myself. Nobody knows that we're still seeing each other. I let him go because he wanted to,.. he gave me up so easily without thinking about what i might gonna feel.. until it came up to the point that I also decided to give up,... It's true, that if you still love someone don't give him/ her up.. don't try to count all your efforts cos,.. the measure of love is the same as measure of sacrifices. I do love him so much that until now i'm still hoping he'll come back to me. It never comes to my mind that he will forget me this way.. Sana kahit nasaan man sya masaya sya. I hope he's happy with his desisyon. I was hurt when he told me that he loves her cause she's already there to pick him up when he's down,.. cause she always listens and understands everything... I hope he realize that I just wanted to be heard.. Ako nalang kasi lagi ang mali sa-aming dalawa.. Ayokong isiping kinalimutan na nya ako at kahit anu pang gawin ko hindi na magbabago pa ang desisyon nya. Now I have to live alone.. I cannot replace him here in heart.. hindi ko kaya..